The search for artists has begun! Theme for the next festival has been chosen.


Yläkaupungin Yö 2023 will take place on 26. – 28.5. You can now fill the performance application and you might be chosen to perform at Yö! The application form is open until the festival week, but we recommend applying as soon as possible, because we start building the programme right away.

All kinds of art forms are welcome along with sports and speech programmes.

Earlier this winter we were looking for the theme for the upcoming festival and got many creative and funny recommendations from “Medieval torture camp” to simple but adorable “Cats”. Still only one theme could be chosen, and in May we get to celebrate Kevätjuhla (Springfest).

How do you celebrate spring? What does the beginning of summer and the nature coming to life mean to you?

Join us on the last weekend of May, to send winter on its way!