Wednesdays of Toivolas Summer: Ville-Veikko Liekkinen

At: Wed 5.7. klo 17:00 Location: 1. Toivolan vanha piha Duration: 45 min
  • Musiikki

Ville-Veikko Liekkinen’s music could be described with an image of a house, where around the corner you can expect something disgusting, oppressive, cruel as well as beautiful. In that house, the glow between the curtains can be either the sun or fire.

Liekkinen has a long line of experience as a guitarist and singer in various bands, but in recent years he has adopted a new, rather stripped-down style of telling his story-driven songs accompanied by an acoustic guitar.

Liekkinen is also a writer these days. His debut work ‘Ilotin’ was published in February 2023. He also received a publishing contract for the new Muistolehto short novel. Muistolehto will be published in autumn 2023.

Free of charge!