Toivola Vanha Piha: Lehmäin ripsumalauluja & Jere Valkonen

At: Fri 14.5. klo 14:30 Location: 4. Toivolan Vanha Piha Duration: 3 h
  • Musiikki

Toivola Vanha Piha is involved in Yläkaupungin Yö 13.-16.5. During Friday in the Toivola Vanha Piha you will hear Lehmäin ripsumalauluja and Jere Valkonen.

Lehmäin ripsumalauluja Harri Tapperin runoihin

“Ripsuminen” is the rushing of farrows and other bugs out of the cow’s bundle when it is milked. The evening milking was a gentle and comfortable moment, like a moment of rest in the middle of other work in the house. The cattle had been invited home from pasture and the people of the house were allowed to breathe for a moment on a summer evening with the cows. After milking, the work continued in the field or in the house.

Jere Valkonen

Jere Valkonen is a folky singer-songwriter guided by a punk rock ethos. His songs mostly take place in the hazy borderland between the conscious and the unconscious. His self-produced and self-titled debut album was released in November of 2020, gaining radio play and some favorable reviews in Finnish music media.