Toivolan Vanha Piha: Vet Pillows & the old hopes of ImproKampus

At: Sat 15.5. klo 14:00 Location: 4. Toivolan Vanha Piha Duration: 3,5 h
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Toivola Vanha Piha is involved in Yläkaupungin Yö 13.-16.5. During Saturday, visitors at the Toivola Vanha Piha will also be entertained by Vet Pillows and the old hopes of ImproKampus.

Vet Pillows

In 2016, Vet Pillows started out as a ukulele band and has since evolved into something more. These days their three-part vocal harmonies are accompanied also by The sweet sounds of recorders, mandolins, banjos and kazoos. Vet Pillows are known for making music that is both touching and joyful, made with a hint of humour.

The old hopes of ImproKampus – improvisation teachers on stage

You can also see an improvisational theater in Toivola Vanha Piha, when ImproKampus teachers visit the site to surprise the walkers with their performance.