Sohwi: Sivariteatteri 15.5.

At: Sat 15.5. klo 15:00 Location: 19. Ravintola Sohwi
  • Audiovisuaalinen taide
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Sohwi restaurant is involved at Yläkaupungin Yö on 13.5. and 15.5.! On Saturday 15.5. customers are entertained by Sivariteatteri.

Sivariteatteri is a collective from Helsinki-Savonlinna-Turku-Oulu-Tampere that makes its own art with devotional ambition. The group’s debut ‘Screaming under Moonshine!’ produced a small cult reputation for the ensemble after the audience drank sugarwine till five in the morning at Music Theater Kapsäkki. Sivariteatteri’s second production Kesä Evankeliumi 3000 was presented at the Observatory Festival in the summer of 2019.

The collective returns to Yläkaupungin Yö with a dreamlike multimedia theater show that looks at the white heterosexual man in the wheel of neoliberalism. Sivariteatteri is once again ready to transport its audience across the dreamy stream of the Kiiminkijoki River, to what future that will inevitably await the end of the cavalry.

‘’Even though I was just a child, I realized what life is like after Pelle Hermanni died.’’