Samea + Salla Partala & Näkymättömät dub set @ YÖ-TV

At: Sat 15.5. klo 18:00 Location: 1. YÖ-TV Duration: 4 h
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Samea’s picture: Samea
Salla Partala & Invisible dub set photo: Anssi Ruuska

Samea + Salla Partala & Näkymättömät dub set at Kaupunginkirkko Saturday 15.5. 18 o’clock @ YÖ-TV

Samea and Salla Partala & Näkymättömät dub set performances are uniquely intertwined in the Kaupunginkirkko into a whole that appeals to all the senses.

Samea is an audiovisual journey to the deep end of electronic music, traveling from atmospheric ambient soundscapes to deep and hypnotic rhythms.

The works in the Salla Partala & Näkymättömät dub set line-up are unique gig experiences. They are always produced precisely for the occasion. The ensemble, which features soundscapes, poems, music and video to be presented in the Kaupunginkirkko, has been exceptionally strongly produced in the space. The work moves from longing to despair in a wave of melancholic consolation.

Salla Partala: Texts, utterance & composition
Sauli Okker: Production, synas, beats & composition
Joonas Ahtikallio: Video production, synos, hissing cat sounds & arrangement
Selina Keränen: Cello & Arrangement

Watch the performance on YÖ-TV.