Children's day at Mäki-Matti perhepuisto

At: Sat 15.5. klo 10:00 Location: 5. Mäki-Matin perhepuisto Duration: 4h
  • Lapset ja perheet
  • Musiikki
  • Työpajat

As part of Yläkaupungin Yö on Saturday 15.5. 10-14 o’clock at Mäki-Mati perhepuisto, the Children’s Day, which has already become a tradition, is celebrated. This year, children will be entertained during the day by Tatu and Patu and the Irish band Nightcap.

Tatu & Patu

Tatu and Patu sing and play with the children at Mäki-Matti perhepuisto.


The Irish band Nightcap puts the dancers on their feet and culminates Children’s Day.

In addition, the park will have a park hideout that families can go around on their own, as well as an owl workshop where children craft owls from old wool socks into the park’s trees. You can bring your own odd wool sock if you wish.

Children’s Day is organized within the current corona restrictions, changes in the program are possible.