KOAS esittää: Arppa livenä Yläkaupungin Yössä!

At: Fri 14.5. klo 15:15 Location: 1. YÖ-TV Duration: 3h
  • Musiikki
  • YÖ-TV

Arppa live at Koas Meeting Room

Friday 14.5., 15.15. o’clock @ YÖ-TV + YÖRADIO

Arppa will perform on Friday 14.5. 15.15. o’clock at the Koas Meeting Room. The broadcast can be viewed on Yläkaupungin Yö’s Youtube-channel, which has been named YÖ-TV for the duration of the festival. In addition to YÖ-TV, the program will be heard on YÖRADIO, which you can find on the Yläkaupungin Yö website closer to the festival.

Come and enjoy live music at YÖ-TV!

Check out Arppa’s music in advance: