Johanna Kinanen: No Act

At: Sun 16.5. klo 11:00 Location: 6. Keski-Suomen museo
  • Audiovisuaalinen taide

At the museum of Keski-Suomi, Saturday 15.5. 11-22 o’clock and Sunday 16.5. 11-18 o’clock.

Sensitive touch of sensory arousal, violence, overlap of lust and anger. A contradiction that is allowed to be enjoyed and suffered at the same time.

Johanna “Jorma” Kinanen, visual artist.

No Act is a fresh, spring 2021 video installation. This is Jorma’s final work when he graduates from Kankaanpää University of Applied Sciences.

The video takes the viewer one at a time into an intimate space where the topics to be addressed: sexual power, seriousness, and playfulness can be watched and viewed in peace. Go into the space, sit comfortably down and watch. You can watch the work for as long as you want.

The work is not for children. As an adult, use your own judgment.