Hieman erilainen iltarukous feat. Litku Klemetti @ YÖ-TV

At: Fri 14.5. klo 21:00 Location: 1. YÖ-TV
  • Musiikki
  • YÖ-TV

Photo: Pekka Tuomi

Hieman erilainen iltarukous feat. Litku Klemetti, Friday 14.5. 21 o’clock @ Kaupunginkirkko YÖ-TV

As Friday night darkens, Pastor Ville Tikkanen sits on the bench of the Kaupunginkirkko, whose slightly different evening prayers and poems, accompanied by music educator Laura Kaartinen, open windows to the urban soul landscape and longing.

The singer-songwriter Litku Klemetti will also share her own prayer in the evening, whose piano piece has recorded this spring, time in the middle of the corona and hope for better.

Watch the performance on YÖ-TV.