Gallery Becker: Janeveera, Piahvi & Pukatsoova

At: Sat 15.5. klo 12:00 Location: Duration: 4h
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Janeveera and Piahvi & Pukatsoova are playing acoustic music at Gallery Becker on Saturday 15.5. The shows are outdoors and Galleria Becker’s facilities are open on Saturdays from 12-15. Mika Natri’s exhibition Works is also on display.

Janeveera (singer-songwriter) performs simple music about complicated matters; about human suffering, inner lights and shadows.

Piahvi & Pukatsoova
Female guitarists, Piahvi ja Pukatsoova (idea from legendary Edith Piaf ja Alla Pukatsova) play and sing mainly nostalgic slavic and french covers. Part of singing in french or russian languages. Audience is mixture of people of any ages, but especially older people are our fans, since you hear these songs nowadays very seldom on radio or TV.