Digi and Game Center e-sports -showmatch @ YÖ-TV (cancelled)

At: Fri 14.5. klo 17:00 Location: 1. YÖ-TV Duration: 1 h
  • YÖ-TV

Digi and Game Center e-sports -showmatch Friday 14.5. @ YÖ-TV.

What is e-sports?

Electronic sport is a competitive sport that utilizes information technology. E-sports can be practiced in both team and individual form, depending on the game and game mode. The most common electronic sports games are computer or console entertainment games.

The game of the showmatch will be Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, which is played in teams of 5 people. One game lasts 30-60 minutes, during which 15-30 rounds are played.


The program will be specified later.