Volunteer tasks

Customer service

Volunteer working in customer service will be situated at the information desk, at its proximity or at any given event place. The task involves answering questions, giving guidance and helping the public and performers with any problems they might have.


Delivery person

Volunteer working as a delivery person delivers posters and event magazines to different places in the city. Delivery gigs happens mostly before the festival.


Security steward

Security steward maintains the safety of the festival. Work also includes helping and guiding the public and aiding in traffic control. Security steward certificate is required.



Volunteer working in transport will take on driving duties during festival. Task is suitable for anyone with a valid driving license.



Roadie works with different sized objects. A large body mass is not a requirement, though tasks may include lifting of sound equipments and small tent structures. As always, it’s more in the attitude.


Stage management

Stage management consists of greeting the performers and taking care of schedules. It may also require putting sound equipment together and mixing, so previous experience from such work is an advantage.



Sound includes both simple and more demanding mixing in different types of spaces. Professional level skills are required at Ilokivi and Lounaispuisto, but there are opportunities for less experienced volunteers as well. Also suitable for students who need practical training.



Volunteer working with lighting should know the basics of the trade. Some of the technology used is pre-programmed, but more skills are required for independent work.


Photography and/or video

All photographers and video enthusiasts are welcome to take part in recording the festival for future generations! Volunteers will circle the events and take pictures/video from whatever catches their eye. This material will later be used in promoting the festival. Own camera is required.


Traffic control

Volunteer working in traffic control helps to make sure the traffic runs smoothly around closed road sections.


Final cleaning

Volunteer participating in the final cleaning helps to pick up trash from the outdoor venues and to clean Ilokivi. The work does not require superhuman strength, an easy-going attitude will do. The cleaning takes place in a group on Sunday at daytime.